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Smilies are small graphics which represent emotions. If you sometimes chat, you probably know the concept. Some standard codes or strings are automatically converted into smilies. If you turn your head on the side and use your imagination, you can probably recognize little faces.

Here is a list of the Smilies available in this forum:

Name/Meaning Code Graphic
großes Grinsen :D großes Grinsen
Zunge raus :tongue: Zunge raus
Teufel :evil: Teufel
Baby :baby: Baby
Augen rollen :rolleyes: Augen rollen
Augenzwinkern ;) Augenzwinkern
Zunge raus :P Zunge raus
smile :) smile
böse X( böse
fröhlich =) fröhlich
rotes Gesicht :O rotes Gesicht
verwirrt ?( verwirrt
cool 8) cool
traurig ;( traurig
geschockt 8o geschockt
Freude :] Freude
unglücklich :( unglücklich
poppen :poppen: poppen
post :post: post
psycho :psycho: psycho
respekt :respekt: respekt
rofl :rofl: rofl
rotfl :rotfl: rotfl
scared :scared: scared
schadenfroh :schadenfroh: schadenfroh
schuld :schuld: schuld
sex :sex: sex
plzdie :plzdie: plzdie
pics :pics: pics
men_ani :men_ani: men_ani
merlin :merlin: merlin
mod :mod: mod
multijump :multijump: multijump
nanana :nanana: nanana
newbie :newbie: newbie
no spam please :no spam please: no spam please
offtopic :offtopic: offtopic
party :party: party
perfekt :perfekt: perfekt
shit happens :shit happens: shit happens
smoke :smoke: smoke
verschoben :verschoben: verschoben
wallbash :wallbash: wallbash
wave :wave: wave
wavey :wavey: wavey
wayne :wayne: wayne
wayneinteressierts :wayneinteressierts: wayneinteressierts
weird :weird: weird
welcome :welcome: welcome
whendone :whendone: whendone
verdaechtig :verdaechtig: verdaechtig
uzi :uzi: uzi
understand :understand: understand
soon :soon: soon
spam :spam: spam
spining :spining: spining
stichel :stichel: stichel
stolz :stolz: stolz
stupid :stupid: stupid
suicide :suicide: suicide
thefinger_red :thefinger_red: thefinger_red
tml :tml: tml
verwirrt :confused2: verwirrt
lolbonk :lolbonk: lolbonk
1338_peace :1338_peace: 1338_peace
closed :closed: closed
deal :deal: deal
depp :depp: depp
dito :dito: dito
dolllol :dolllol: dolllol
done :done: done
dots :dots: dots
dummesthread :dummesthread: dummesthread
eeeeeek :eeeeeek: eeeeeek
buegeln :buegeln: buegeln
bounce2 :bounce2: bounce2
bounce :bounce: bounce
abgelehnt :abgelehnt: abgelehnt
admin :admin: admin
asshole2 :asshole2: asshole2
beer :beer: beer
beerchug :beerchug: beerchug
biggthumpup :biggthumpup: biggthumpup
birthday :birthday: birthday
birthday2 :birthday2: birthday2
blahblah :blahblah: blahblah
eieiei :eieiei: eieiei
eieiei2 :eieiei2: eieiei2
idee :idee: idee
invasion :invasion: invasion
irre :irre: irre
kette :kette: kette
knuddel :knuddel: knuddel
kopfpatsch :kopfpatsch: kopfpatsch
kotz :kotz: kotz
kotz2 :kotz2: kotz2
ladysman :ladysman: ladysman
help2 :help2: help2
help :help: help
hammer :hammer: hammer
engel :engel: engel
evil3 :evil3: evil3
evild :evild: evild
falschesforum :falschesforum: falschesforum
fight :fight: fight
firedevil :firedevil: firedevil
fluester :fluester: fluester
fresse :fresse: fresse
gute nacht :gute nacht: gute nacht
lol :lol: lol
If you don't want smilies in a post, check the 'Deactivate Smilies' box when posting. Then ;) will stay as it is and not be converted.

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